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book, the sorting hat


book, the sorting hat
the amigos

The Amigos is a story of friendship, bonding, revolution, love, patriotism. It will definitely remind you the fun you had with your friends in the college. Those small fights which we were part of being portrayed in a very lively manner in this book. This book will transport you to the time of your college days when you shared a strong bond of friendship with your friends.

Rahul, Ritesh, and Rehan are the main characters of the story along with Jackal and Neha. Ritesh being in army got injured during one of his operations and Rehan and Rahul get there as soon as possible to meet their dear friend. Now the story goes behind 6 years when they were in college.
They were enjoying their college life when they come to know about the scam running in the college and soon they found themselves behind bars. Rahul’s father being a rich businessman pay their bail and they were out in no time. To free their college from such practices they make a plan and get succeeded in it. After that story follows and some incidents happen in their life which left them wondering that what they are doing with their life is what they really like?

Amigos is a good contemporary fiction which provides a lot to its readers. It is not that regular tale of college going students so you can’t get bored while reading it. It has twists and turns which were surprising while some of them were predictable.

Least typesetting errors which can be passed. The cover has a picture of three boys riding a bicycle which describes that the story is about three boys and their dreams. It is colors of red and yellow hue which looks good and attractive.
It is a good read for everyone. So start reading and get lost in your memories.

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