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book, the sorting hat
book, the sorting hat
The bogus read
This is a Satire, Fiction novel with lots of sarcasm. This is the first time ever I laughed right from the beginning of the book till the end. He has made fun of Indian Politics and Indian T.v. serials which would make you roll on the floor laughing. This was the second funny novel I read and I didn’t expect it to be that good but it did make me laugh so hard that parents thought I was mad. Seriously!
This book starts with a situation of war between Pakistan and India. The way author has described the war scene is hilarious. The strategy they’ve picked up this time, you just can’t imagine that includes Tahir Shah from Pakistan and Himesh Reshamia from India. Although I loved Himesh’s songs when I was a kid.
The story revolves around the group of friends Ravi, Param, Rohit, Prakhar and Karan who at the beginning of the novel get dressed and went to the temple to pray. First I thought they must be having some exams but later when I find out the real reason behind their prayers I burst out laughing at 2:00 a.m. They gave more importance to Counter Strike(CS) game rather than their studies and worked hard to win its tournament. When the day came and their results were displayed they were shocked to see their names in top ten lists. They were expecting only passing marks but when one of them topped they become frustrated. Later they find out that everyone in their college was drooling over stupid t.v. serials. The names author has given to the serials are hilarious.
After that, the Indian Army which included Major Das, Brigadier Suryakant, Colonel Chauhan and Mehta were worried about the impending threat of taking over of Indian Territories (mainly Kashmir) by Pakistan Army. They were ready to attack anytime.
The Times of Bharat (A newspaper) never carried this news and gave a small column only on their 30th page of some 120-page edition which was full of stupid advertisements. The news in the newspaper is really funny. This leads to the unveiling of various secrets and the group of these five boys eventually got the invite to meet Indian P.M. They are asked to help Indian government out of this mess and story follows.
The book is a work of fine satire by Divyamaan. He has picked just every other topic that is currently influencing our nation and presented it to us in the funniest way! He has used names like “Ichchadari Genda” and “sasural Simran ka” which after reading you would roll down laughing for sure.
All in all, The Bogus Read is a good, light-hearted satire and is a must-read. I would suggest everyone buy this book without second thoughts.

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