Book review of – The death story

book, the death story
book, the death story
The death story

The death story by Amay Saxena is a horror fiction novel. This is a story about a girl who loves her husband dearly but killed him. She didn’t want to but still, she killed him. The story revolves around her struggle to survive after being possessed by a ghost.

A girl named Neha and her husband shifts to their newly constructed house and Neha started feeling some strange things in that house, like the presence of some supernatural power. Creepy things start happening with her and one night she killed her own husband. After that story follows and secrets started to reveal one by one. There was a huge secret buried in the walls of that haunted house. In the end, Neha wins and the evil spirit has to leave that house. The plot is woven in a pattern of a normal horror story with some twists and turns. The narration is simple but weak. Dialogues could have been written in a better way. The story is simple but interesting.

The title of the story is appropriate with the plot of the story. I don’t find the cover much appealing. It could have been better according to a horror novel. The language was easy and one could read it in a flow.
If you are a horror fan then you can give it a try.

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