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The First Trillionaire

book, the sorting hat
the first trilionaire

The First Trillionaire by Sapna Jha is a thriller with a pinch of romance. You will come across lots of crimes and conspiracies and drama which is entertaining. The author seems to very religious or she was only trying to portray the character of Shail as a religious girl as this girl Shail believes that all of her wishes will come true if Goddess loves her enough.

Now the character of this girl Shail depicts a simple, kind hearted and extremely religious girl who had spend her childhood in poor condition. Her mother, Vanshree was a single mother so she had faced many problems raising her daughter. Shail wants to earn money to improve her family conditions and to donate a large amount of sum in temples. Her dream is to make her mother smile which clearly shows how much she loves her mother.

When Shail gets an job she come across an social media post she decides to become a triliionaire. Yes! A poor, village girl dreams of becoming first triliionaire with no plans to accomplish her dream. Now that was really foolish of her to dream like that without having plans to earn so much money and asking Goddess to fulfill her wish. Even God fullfil wishes of those who works hard to achieve their goal but in this case she did earn so much money without doing anything. A fairy godmother (she is a human but I feel like giving that woman this title) enters her life which in reality is a multi billionaire who fulfills her every wish. She enters her life out of nowhere and then comes a twist in the story. Every mystery or should I say the truth behind that rich woman entering Shail’s life, death of Shail’s father, name of Shail’s father and all discloses. How Vanshree fall in love with a foreign guy and they get married the same day when they met each other after a long span of time and before they could properly start their life together he died.

Shail was not aware of the identity of her rich friend and one day she crossed paths with a local but very powerful goon ‘bachcha’ and slapped him. He feels insulted and kidnaps the poor girl to take his revenge. The rest story is about how Shail is saved when international criminals get involved. Story was quite predictable but it was fun reading it. This story maybe a very unrealistic and predictable but it was not boring. But I think the end where Shail gets saved could have been written in a better way. As a thriller novel it was not much appealing as the story has twists and turns and many surprises but it was not better then other novels which I read in past. So it didn’t gave me chills while reading it as it is a simple but sweet story but yes the story is good. Some incidents are really sweet like the one where Shail’s mother Vanshree first meet her school crush. If you want to know who that rich lady was who turned the life of Shail upside down then you have to read this beautiful book.

The cover of the book has a half covered face of a girl by Indian currency notes which is appropriate for the novel as it goes with the theme. The title ‘The first Triliionaire’ is also describing the book and what can we expect from the book. A book where someone is dreaming about becoming a Triliionaire. Language of the book was easy but elegant. I read this book in one go. As a story it didn’t bored me but I think it should have been narrated in a more appealing way. Looking forward to read more from the author.

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