Book review of – The Flame of Anahata: Love Conquers All

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book, the sorting hat
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The Flame of Anahata: Love Conquers All

Flames of Anahata is the second book of Come back Warrior Trilogy. This book has romance, mystery, murders, ancient history, and suspense which makes it a multiple genre books. It has two stories running simultaneously, one of present time while another one of the ancient times.

All the characters are portrayed properly as per the demand of the story. Author has given a little story about every character which makes them even more relatable and description make readers understand the characters even more. Indrajeet is the main character of the story who is re – incarnated into Suraj in the modern era while the villain of the story somehow manages to live throughout both the eras. The story is a very powerful weapon which was designed by Indrajeet’s father and the villain Varsha tries to capture it. But the weapon is kept in a cave which he can’t open and so the story follows which is full of mysteries. The author has done a great job by maintaining the interest throughout the by his simple writing.

Book Title is catchy and draws attention. The word “Anahata” has a meaning which justifies the title. However, the cover of the book does not match the theme of the book as it has a picture of a girl on the front but the character of the female in the book is not much strong. The language used in the book is simple and easy to understand. The narration is decent. Editing is done well. This book keeps me hooked up till the end.

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