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book, the sorting hat



book, the sorting hat
The fragrance of rose

This novel is about an ambitious girl who had to face the ugly reality of life many times. Life was really hard on him as at a point she lost everything she had. What makes the book interesting is that not once did she fall weak.
I really liked the book and its story. The cover of the book was the first thing which stole my heart. It shows a girl who has a tattoo of red rose on her back and she is looking in the mirror.

An ambitious girl named Rinita Bose is the protagonist of this novel. She is strong, beautiful and full of hopes. In this novel, the author has tried to portray the most important topic to be talked about today ‘Women exploitation’.
The plot takes us through different phases of life that Rinita lives, from a high school girl to a news anchor, a labor manager, an actress and the struggles she has to face. Not a single phase of her life was easy or without obstacle but she managed to walk through every stone thrown in her journey.
When she gets an offer as a news anchor in a reputed news channel she would have never imagined that it was a well-planned trap. Life for her was a cakewalk until she has to fulfill the lecherous demands of her boss, without her permission. That was just the beginning of the story.

I really liked the character of Rinita bit also I hate her at some points. She is a kind of girl who is very difficult to understand. Sometimes she is really bold and the other times she is really weak and vulnerable. Her character is just different.

The writing style of the author is quite impressive which can keep readers hooked up till the end. The characterization, narration, and dialogues are just perfect. Dialogues are the soul if this book as they are very beautifully written. If this book is converted into a movie it will definitely attract many readers.

The ending of the book is also really good unlike other novels having a good plot but loose endings.

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