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book, the sorting hat


book, the sorting hat
The highway man


The highway man

The highway man by J. Alchem is a collection of heart-warming three short stories namely
1- Catherine
2- Sidzy, for a day
3- The highway man
These stories are written in so beautiful way that makes you confuse whether to smile or cry. Nothing is beautiful than a book which can make you smile, cry, blush and even make you envy of the beautiful scenes created in the book.

The story Catherine revolves around a best-selling author Nicholas Sieum who has fallen in love and a physician Dr. Rusenvelt who has always dealt with extraordinary cases and the case of Nicholas Sieum was nothing less than extraordinary. The girl with whom he has fallen in love with was the female protagonist of his novels, Catherine. His father asked Dr. Rusenvelt to cure his son. In order to cure his illness, he ties up with a publisher and the publisher signs a contract with Nicholas for writing a crime thriller novel in some other town. The idea was to keep Nicholas away from memories of Catherine but what happens at the end of the novel will blow your mind. The twist in the end of the story is the main dish.

The second story is about a young couple who are irresistibly and passionately in love with each other and can do anything to make another smile. The story is set on the day dedicated to women’s, international women’s day. To make the day special for his wife, Sidzy he decides to play the role of his wife and doing everything for her to make her smile. He planned small – small surprises for her to show her love for her. He did everything to celebrate Sidzy’s day and enlighten her day by showing the affection and respect he had for her. But his wife was not only the one who get surprises throughout the day.

The third story is about a 7-year-old kid Ayaan, his father Rohan and The highway man. Rohan lost his wife and his parents in a car accident and since that day his son lost his smile. He not even tried to get closer to him because he lost his will to love. One day when they were traveling towards Agra they meet a man on the highway who brings back the joy which was long lost from their lives. When Rohan started believing that Jihan was his savior something happens which was totally the turn of the events.

Review –

The book has the most amazing short story collection I’ve ever read.
Each story was portrayed in a beautiful way to make readers fall in love with the characters. The book has all the elements romance, hope, joy, sadness, sorrow, pain, inspiration, faith, and fiction in just a small book. The perfect narration style and the surprising elements keep the readers hooked up till the end. The cover is also one of the most beautiful and attracting one.

The best part about the author is that he considers his books as his babies and tries to present his writing in a totally unique way.

If you are looking for an amazing book then here this book is for you.

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