Book review of – The last chaii

the sorting hat, book review
the sorting hat, book review
The last chaii

The last chaii, a book revolving around politics. To be honest I have no interest in politics or reading about it and I didn’t know what this book is about accepted the review request without reading the blurb. I got really bored in the starting but as the story continues the book became interesting.

Author has combined a political drama with thrill and tried to explain his thoughts without hiding the dirty truth of politics. Ajay Kaamte, the director of special protection group of PM is under a lot of stress and is sent on leave by Doshi, The PM but he is always for his safety and comes back before the end of the leave. He has nabbed a young boy of 19 who tried to kill PM and in the process killed Bhardwaj who tasted the tea which was meant for PM. They try to get information from him but in vain as he was totally brainwashed. Ajay’s wife confronts him about the 19-year-old boy who was being tortured in his custody and he got shocked as no one knew about the news a leaning journalist Poorvi spreads this news through her tweets. When Doshi goes to Pakistan for SAARC summit Ajay goes with him but somehow terrorists get success in their plan and Doshi is poisoned and he goes into coma. Ajay is arrested and Poorvi is sent to Israel by some unknown helper. What happens next is the real story. The incidents are well described in the story.

I will give this book 3/5. It was a nice read and I completed the book in one go. It was full of mysteries and writing was effective. The book has the capacity to bind a reader though the cover could have been better.

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