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The Moon in the Sun: A Novel in Poetry of Love, Life, Soul & Wildlife

book, the sorting hat
The moon in the sun

The moon in the sun is a mesmerizing tale portrayed in the form of poetry to make it more interesting. It is indeed a unique way to tell a story of a man who knows forests and tigers better than anyone else. The plot is set in the Himalayas and their never-ending beauty. It has experiences, beauty, scenic description, love and love for nature. This book can set you in a state of pure bliss and if by chance you also love forests you will find yourself among those green trees. This book is all about how does it feel to live in wild among trees, mountains, streams and beautiful nature.

The plot revolves around the protagonist Narayan Sambhar as a kid who loves to be in close touch with nature. A forest officer hires him to help him spot a tiger and he agrees. Then it is described that how they wait for a tiger in the woods and the get a chance to see the beauty of the forest and its animals. The underlying plot compares his life to that of the tiger. This book is very beautifully penned down and the author has a commendable job while extracting out the essence of poetry. Not everyone can describe nature and forest in the form of poetry.

The title of the story clearly depicts the connection of novel with nature and it’s beauty. And when two beautiful things – nature and poetry are amalgamated together, this book is what we get. If you are a traveler then this book will definitely increase your fun while traveling. The language used in this book is simple and the poetic narration is just wonderful. I suggest this book to everyone who loves poetry.

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