Book review of – The three psychos

The three psychos

Three Thrilling Stories, One Gripping Novel. In the first tale, a naked man is trapped inside a white box. His only company: ‘DE22912’. How long can he survive? The second story, ‘Patient Number 9’, is about a hospitalized patient who must save Earth from an alien attack by blue pig-like creatures. The countdown has just begun. In the third narrative, an angry sixteen-year-old gets hold of a loaded revolver and determined to make use of all ‘Six Bullets’. And no, it’s not a toy. The three psychos are part of a connected universe, set in a novel with innovative storytelling, witty narration and an entertaining mix of thrill, humor, and drama.

This book is a collection of three stories filled with suspense, drama, and thrill. Ending of each story is completely unexpected. The plot of all the stories is gripping and different.

The first story was DE22912 which was a story of an arrogant guy who became a drug addict after the death of his parents. What happens after is the story. How he comes out of his addiction and starts to live a normal life is a thrilling tale. The second story is Patient no. 9. This story is about a mental patient who assumes that aliens are coming to attack our earth and he needs to save it. He used to see a blue pig like creature which only he could see. The third story is about a teen girl who wants to kill 6 people and she thinks that killing those people will not be a sin because God also did that. She was impressed by the story of God and evil where he murders evil people to maintain peace.

The language of the book is kept simple which was very easy to read. I completed the book within two hours because the length of the book was very less. Short stories are easy to read. The plot and the idea behind the stories were good but it was not portrayed in a good manner. The narration and presentation of the book could have been better. The title of the book was appropriate but I don’t like the cover. The cover of the book was very ordinary and less attractive. The cover of the book is an essential ingredient but in this book, it was not good.

I hope the author changes the book’s cover in next print. Would love to read more of his works.
Rating – 3.5

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