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book, the sorting hat



book, the sorting hat
the twirled november
The twirled November is the debut novel by the author. Well for a debut novel we can not expect much from an author. So this novel has a very basic plot and narration. It is a romantic fiction which has a lot of those mushy moments which are required in a romantic novel but they are not beautifully portrayed. The blurb of the novel describes everything which readers would want to know before reading the book.
Krish the main protagonist of the novel belongs to a lower middle-class family and has many responsibilities to perform. He gets enrolled in a college where on the very first day he gets attracted to a very beautiful and confident girl Avantika. After some time of friendship and looking towards each other they came into a relationship and the family of Krish has no objection to it. Now another girl by name ‘Kanak’ enters his life who is the cousin of Avantika. Krish once felt attracted towards her when he was in hometown. They started talking with each other and when Avantika come to know about it and shit happens. They got separated and their mutual friends Harry and Smriti tried their best to make out everything and what happens next is quite predictable.
The narration of the story is not very good or gripping. The story telling skills of the author are also not very nice and he needs to improve a lot. The plot was good but is not portrayed beautifully. There was no need to describe for how many ‘minutes’ Krish kissed Avantika. Ignoring the minor errors the biggest blunder about the book is the printing errors throughout the book. There was not a single page which was not misprinted and some pages were in so bad condition that I had to skip that whole text. The book was sent to me by the author as a review copy so I think the other books might not have that problem.
Now the best part about the book was its cover. I really liked the cover of the book. It is the beautiful and eye catching.

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