Book review of – This Love That Feels Right

book, the sorting hat
book, the sorting hat
This love that feels right

This time ravin sir came with a new subject but fails to frame it. The story is quite impressive and boring as well. The concept of the book is unique and commendable but the way author frames the book was disappointing. The ending is just like any typical Indian book but it leaves you with questions.

Coming to characters my favorite one is manvika. She knew what she was doing. She was bold, intelligent as well as confident but I don’t like her her views on an extramarital affair. Aarav is perfect, actually more than just perfect to even exist in today’s world. Naina she was the main character. I don’t think that her┬ácharacter deserves mockery. She is like any other Indian girl who lives between confined walls of her house. Many people will find her character funny but I can understand her situation as I’ve myself seen many girls facing same problems.

Author has perfectly done his job with 5 characters but instead of a good concept, this book was not as interesting as expected.

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