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those seven days


Those 7 days

Those seven days is the story of a guy who left his city for a job in a big city and after leaving his job what happens to him in just seven days. These seven days turn his life upside down and the girl whom he hated most, his best friend since childhood, Shailja becomes the most important part of his life. This is a light romance but I liked the concept and the way the story is being portrayed.

Small city mamma’s boy Vishwas leaves his comfy life behind when he gets a job in Delhi. Since the moment he stepped out of his house life started playing with him. Each day he experiences something new, some sweet and more bitter, and even ended up in jail. Will the small city boy be able to cope up with the harsh realities of big city life? What will happen when the person whom he hated most will become his dearest and is on verge of dying? Will he be able to get up and fight? All answers lie within the pages.

The cover is a bit childish with the bold use of colors but cute. It has a picture of a boy standing on the skyscraper in a metro city and the girl on the mountain of a small city. It gives a sneak peek at the story and the whole concept. The title is also very appropriate as the story is about what happens to the protagonist in ‘Those seven days’. The book is a light read and one can finish it in a go without losing interest. Yes, the storyline was predictable and led to the loss of interest sometimes. The language used is simple but the narration is quite good and impressive. If you are looking for a light romance then go buy this book without any second thought.

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