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book, the sorting hat



book, the sorting hat

Unns a tale of love. Unns means a stage of love from the seven stages described in the Urdu language. I’m still not sure to which category I should put this book in, romance or thriller? This is a different type of story which is a love story as well as a thriller. Its plot was really interesting and unique.

Female protagonist Meher Qasim left Atharva Rathod after her parents come to know about their relationship. She left the country for higher studies and Atharva continued to study in his country. After some time due to a mission, he has to go to Germany where he accidentally meets his childhood love and they start to spend time together but Atharva was not aware that Meher was the threat he was after. She successfully made Atharva fool and took advantage of his love towards her and the mission on which Atharva was sent to Germany fails. The story is not over yet. There are many twists and turns in this story which can leave you in awe. I personally hate the character of Mehar and I really want to stab her directly in heart, although I know she is not real 😛

While writing UNNS author has done a commendable job and I think that this is really a good book to pass the time. The author needs to improve his storytelling techniques and edit some loopholes in the story but avoiding that I really loved the story. The narration is simple and commendable. Characterization is perfect and the language used enables readers to read the book in one go. The title is nice but I think the cover should have been better.

A good read.

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