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White smoke

White Smoke is a thriller romantic book. This book is so messed up that it gave me a headache. I skipped most of The chapters under The headline ‘Case number 242’. It won’t affect The story of you skipped some chapters. You only need to read last chapters under that heading to be able to understand the whole story. The story is quite predictable and childish.

So the boy named Virat leaves his loving girlfriend for a girl who only exists in a photograph and what more interesting is that he left to Delhi to find his new found love and after reaching her house he actually talks to her, or wait! He talks to her spirit. But he thinks he has talked to the real girl who was supposed to be dead right ears ago. He was able to find her house so easily with the help of only school records while a police officer and a CID officer were not able to trace her address with their whole resources. Strange! The girl mentioned here is Mahi who was raped 8 years back and the culprits were not punished because they were really rich. So the major twist reveals in the end Which was quite predictable. There are two stories running simultaneously in the novel. One is the search of Virat which leads to Mahi and the other story is of killings of those culprits who raped rapes Mahi. When these stories come face to face, the twist reveals. Both stories are written very poorly. There was nothing beautiful about the language and there was not anything which could make it a good thriller novel.

The author needs to improve his writing skills and narration. If the story would have been written in a good way it would be able to please the readers. I find this book really boring and a waste of time. Because while reading thrillers we need some suspense, drama, and thrill which was absent in this novel.



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