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book review, the sorting hat
book review, the sorting hat
Passport is my favorite book

Passport Is My Favorite Book: Rejoice when magic touches your life (A Narcissist’s Memoir Book 2)
Author: Rishabh Jhol
Format: Kindle

The book’s title simply tells the story behind the pages. The story is a travel memoir of a person Zehen. The characterization was slightly weak because of the introduction of many characters and I got confused because of that.

Zehen loves to travel a lot. He travels around from India to Paris to Russia to the USA and so on. He loves to connect with new people and learn about various cultures and different activities. He travels to various places like Moscow, Russia, St. Petersburg, Boston, Lisbon, Rio, Amsterdam, United States and some other places and the author has narrated the whole episode so beautifully that you can imagine yourself in those places. Visiting these places teaches him a lot. Travelling is his passion, a medium to find his true self.

I really enjoyed reading the book. The blurb of the book was interesting. I did not like the cover really because of the use of bold red color for the font. The cover failed to attract me. The title of the book totally justifies the story. If you have interest in traveling then this book is for you.

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