Book review of – The perfect us

book review, AkS
book review, AkS
The perfect us


The perfect us by Durjoy Datta is a heartwarming beautiful tale of Avantika and Deb. It is a story of a couple despite being at odds sometimes love each other unconditionally. The story starts with Avantika asking Deb to start their family by having a child and Deb declining her as he is too afraid to become a dad. He is supported in his decision by his best friend Shrey who cracks hideous jokes about having a child. But after some time he decides to go by her wife’s wish and they decide to extend their family.

After so many struggles they finally get pregnant and their happiness knew no bound. They were not the only one who was overwhelmed by the news. Shrey who hated children until now suddenly started loving his best friend’s child as if he were his own. His contribution in taking care of Avantika and selflessly loving the unborn child is what took my heart. I really loved his character and I hate the author for eliminating him from the end of the book without any reason. They were all happy in their small family and the twist occurs….

I really loved this book. At the end of the book, I almost cried and I had to read the whole climax twice to confirm what I read was right. The narration is pretty good and the plot of the story was amazing. I liked the story and the way the author has portrayed it. The cover is also fitting for the novel.

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