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book review, the sorting hat


Sequel to HARAPPA

book review, the sorting hat

This book is the sequel of “HARAPPA” and I was eagerly waiting for this book as I wanted to know what will happen in the story next but I am disappointed because there will be one more part in this book series. Though the book was good, still the first part was better.

The book started with the flashbacks of the previous book and then the story started of the rise of demon Vivasan Pujari who was once the most respected and loving pers of Harappa. He lost everything in just a few hours and now he seems revenge and to fulfill this malicious act he did something for which he could never forgive himself. His son Manu however, reaches the black temple and finds the truth behind it and what purpose he has to fulfill to save the mankind.

Vidyut, on the other hand, faces many difficulties and learned the truth about his existence, his purpose and also the history associated with it. However, I think this part of the book was kind of stretched too long and was really boring. The story of brotherhood and one order was really boring and I simply skipped that part. The end was really interesting and it left me again in a cliffhanger and now I want to know what happens next.

The cover of the Harappa was better than this one and I liked it more. I’ll give this cover 2.5 out of 5. Author has narrated the story in a really good and interesting manner and the language used is also proper and understandable. I’m eagerly waiting for the next part of the book.

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