Book review of – The promises of love

book, the sorting hat
book, the sorting hat
The promises of love


This is the story of Siddhant and Shivyanka. This is a typical high school which most of the people might have faced or seen in their lives. Language is quite basic and the end was predictable.

Siddhant meets Shivyanka for the first time in school and they became friends. After sometimes she changes to school and later Siddhant also coincidentally joins the same school as hers but things have changed by then. The story continues and both of them have to face so many hurdles and ups and downs. The length of the story is not much so you can finish it in one go.

This was a light read and there was not much to read in it. This novel is perfect for school students who are going to start reading and are looking for some light read. The language used is simple and basic. I really didn’t like its cover and I hope author changes it in next edition.

All the best to the author for his next books.



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