Book review of – Road to cherry hills

book review, the sorting hat
book review, the sorting hat
Road to cherry hills



Road to cherry hills is a romantic novel which changes to inspirational and motivational one really quick. It is about a girl named Rimjhim whose life is the epitome of struggles and hardships. She is the main protagonist of the book and the only character who is highlighted in the book. Other characters are not given importance at all which they should have been given.

Rimjhim takes a bad decision in her life which creates a havoc in her teenage years and affects her life. From there starts her struggle to survive life. One after another life keeps on throwing challenges in her life and she has to bear its pain. One by one people keeps coming into her life making it even more miserable than before. This book is basically Rimjhim’s journey and struggles in her life.

The plot was not unique but good. Had it been written beautifully it would have made this book a good one but the narration was poor and not executed well. The style of the writing was also not up to the mark which breaks the flow of reading. Overal it is a one-time average read.

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