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book, the sorting hat
strangers with known faces


Strangers with known faces

After reading the title and blurb of this book I was quite impressed and wanted to read it. The cover of the book was also very intriguing which I really like. I was expecting a lot many thrills, suspense, and drama from this book but the book was quite disappointing.

The story revolves around 5 characters – Rajat, Meenakshi, Sadaaf, Amol, and Shanaya. Strangers with known faces, as the name suggests, is a kind of book where the characters were once best friends and with passing time they became strangers, but with known faces. So the novel starts with the murder of Shanaya who was involved in some illegal activities against her own country. She left 4 things for her best friends in her will which make police arrest Sadaf, Amol, Rajat, Meenakshi. They were now real suspects in the murder case. After that, I supposed that there will be a lot of fun reading some mysteries, murder scenes and a lot more but there was none and it disappointed me. I was so bored reading few pages around 40 or 50 that I skipped many of them to read the further story. After what follows that these friends come together to investigate the case to reach the real culprit if it was not one of those. The concept was good throughout the book but it was not portrayed in a good manner. I lost interest while reading it but I completed it because I wanted to know what happens next. It was like the author was trying to elongate the story till the end but rushed while writing the end.

There were twists and turns in the story and author tried to make them look good along with the plot but in my opinion, they were not necessary. There were not any errors in the book and language was quite easy which would have made it a good read had the borings scenes didn’t spoil it.

As I have already said that the book’s cover is what I liked and decided to read this book. But as they say, we can’t judge a book by its cover.

It is a light entertainment. So you can consider it for one time reading.




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