Book review of – Tattooed Music (The Mystery Crackers)

the sorting hat, book review

the sorting hat, book review

Book’s name: The mystery crackers: Tattooed music
Author’s name: Jinal Shailesh Doshi
My ratings: 5/5

Tattooed music is a short mystery thriller novella. The story is about two brothers who are detectives who along with their friends are on a mission to retrieve a gold choker which apparently belonged to a Rajputana princess Sanyogita and to find about a pirate name Black piper. The story was quite interesting and it kept me glued to my kindle until I finished it. The short length of the book made it easy for me to complete it in one go.

Coming to the plot, the story starts when a pirate ship is found submerged in the waters of a small town jhiljhila. Mr. Soni tells about this ship to Prash and Nish, the detective twin brothers and asks them to solve the mystery. Little detectives are more than happy to work on a mystery case. They start their investigation and find out that the ship belonged to a pirate named Black piper who owned it some twenty-five years back. When they dig deep they find out that the pirate was after the gold choker of Princess Sanyogita. They further investigate and joins pieces and gather information to find out the mystery behind the pirate and the necklace. Did they ever find out who was black piper? How did he get hold of such precious choker? Where was the choker now? The story unfolds all these answers.

Author has done a fantastic job in penning down this short novella. The story was gripping and has the element of surprise and suspense. Although the cover of the book is like of a comic book’s cover but it is eye-catching. If you are looking for a quick and interesting read then do read this book.

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