Book review of – I think I know you Karunya, Do I?

Book review, the sorting hat
Book review, the sorting hat
I think I know you Karunya, Do I?


Well, I don’t know what to write about this book because I am still confused myself about that. This book has two stories going simultaneously and not a single one making sense. Moreover, the author has used the FUCKING so many times in the book where it was not at all needed that I got pissed off. It might seem that it is cool to use these words but it doesn’t make your novel good. Useless abusive words could have been avoided in the book.

About the plot, I don’t know how the author has narrated the story. It was as if the author had written few chapters and published them together as a novel. The storyline was poor, the narration was poor and so was the plot. There were so many plot loops in the story that I got confused some times. I didn’t even like the mixture of a story with past life incidents connecting to future and a totally different story of some terrorist activities going on in India.

Author has also not done justice with the characters. Characters just keep popping out of nowhere in the novel and make thing complicated. The dialogues were so poorly written that I couldn’t believe that it is a published book. I am really disappointed with the book and I hope author get his next work properly edited before publishing it.

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