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Equations of a being: A being who gathered Moss

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Equations of a being


If you have a penchant for both reason and abstractness, this intriguing piece of literature shouldn’t be missed. Equations of a Being beautifully coalesces the author’s thought pieces pertaining to the existential spectrum. Never has there been a book that blended emotions, intellect, and imagination so seamlessly, to celebrate a being in totality.
The author depicts his artistic persuasion, the enriched and disintegrated fragments of his existence, and the conclusions based on his interactions with the physical and abstract elements of life in a compelling and unbridled manner.

It’s a book for the ages that will let you trace the complete trajectory of a being and realize that a being has been and will always be a convergence of his tryst with abstractness, his acceptance of vulnerability, and his surge for virtuosity.

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Book Review-

Equations of a being: A being who gathered Moss is a very different kind of book. It is a collection of thoughts in the form of inspirational and motivating quotes. You can’t read this book in one go because this is not a story book which can hook you up until you finished the story. This book is like a medicine which you need to take daily to see its effects. Read these quotations daily to grasp their meaning if you are going to read this book. And please read it with a clear mind if you want to really understand this book. You can read this book’s quotes again and again and they will inspire you every time you read it.


Author has expressed deep thoughts in very small sentences which is quite impressing. Not every author has a capacity to do that. Writing non-fiction books is a tough task and author has done it really well. When you will start reading the book you won’t understand a single thing but as you will read more you will start to get its meaning. Author has used very high level of language from the beginning so if you are going to start reading, then this book is not a good choice for you. This type of book is not for those who are looking for a light read but for those who are looking for unique content.

Cover and title-

book, thesortinghat
Equations of a being

The cover of the book is in blue, black and white colors looking elegant in its simplicity. It has two faces which are revolving in a circle which might mean that life is a long circle. What you give to others, comes back to you. The Bold print of the title also enhances the cover’s beauty. The title also perfectly suits the book’s theme. The language used is tough with the use of many complex words.


Author has done a great job writing this book. I’m in love with some of the prose which I am mentioning for you to read.


“If a woman blends her endowed elegance with achieved physical strength then she becomes as perennial as nature. No other form of flesh is bestowed with such a privilege.”


“I went out to seek for the holiest manifestation of kindness- the one that emerged from without an act of atonement, without the desire for charity, and without any call from pity-and of all places, I found it in the wagging tails of puppies pouncing all over me.”




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