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Rupa Bhullar

I had an opportunity to meet the author of The Indigo Sun, her debut novel and she was kind enough to answer few of my questions. She is not only beautiful from outside but from the heart too. I really enjoyed reading her book. I’m so glad that I get to meet her personally.

Lets read about her journey of being a published author.

About the Author

Rupa Bhullar serves as the Director of Finance and Business Development at a leading global corporation that provides digital and financial software solutions. She holds a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Charter and a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration. Rupa was born in India and spent her early childhood years in Jaipur before moving to Chandigarh, the place she still calls home. She relocated to the United States in the year 2000, dividing time between New York and Los Angeles before settling in New Jersey where she currently lives with her husband, two sons, a Zen dog and a senior bunny.


A – Hello ma’am. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? When and how you decided that you will write a book?

R – I think around a certain period of time when I started thinking about life and at heart, I always knew I had an artistic side of me which was very dreamy and I always wanted to be in a different dimension. I was compromising on both parts – my career and this writing part. So I think that was the time I started reading a lot of books and all of them were about philosophy. So after reading, I started to get inspiration and I started posting some quotes on Facebook. That was when people started encouraging me to write more, a book and the Whole process started.

A – Please tell us something about your book. What was your thought before writing the book?

R – So the thought for the book came from my life experiences and the people around me. It had to be a women’s journey and about finding meaning in your life and finding yourself because that is something I have struggled personally with so many qualifications in finance I still thought I don’t want to do it, I want to write a book. That was a challenge but I’m happy that this happened.

A – I noticed that you have described everything from twinkling stars to the streets of ‘Pink city’ in the book. How much time it took to research about all this and how was your experience?

R – Oh it was lovely. I really enjoyed writing the book. And research? Not much. I’ve been to Jaipur and I remembered very vividly my experience of these streets. I am one of those people who need reality to write I can’t spin things out of thin air like Harry Potter. I need to experience those things before writing. Those parts I didn’t even edit once. It is so natural and close to my heart.

A – What was the inspiration behind the character of Ananda? Why did you made him so mature at this tender age because generally, children don’t know much about life?

R – Yes. The inspiration behind Ananda was that I needed somebody who has the innocence about him. But in India, I’ve also seen that children are also exposed to such situations which make them mature before their age. And also he had the support of Hukum and his father who always motivated him to be a good man instead of a rich person so that also made him mature.
I also wanted to avoid any pre-assumptions of any sort of relationship between Maya and Ananda so I thought lets make him a young boy.

A – Apart from writing what are your other interests?

R – I love photography. Although I don’t get much time to click pictures now I have a lot of them. I also love music because it puts me in a very peaceful state and I love tea giggles
So there are the three things which I really enjoy.

A – What was the concept behind seven beads of the bracelet. Why did you choose 7 lessons to be learned by Maya and not any other number?

R – When I started writing that chapter I just wrote down down number 7. Then just like you I also thought why did I write that number and so I googled it but the answers were not satisfying. See I wrote the book chapter by chapter so while writing it just came to my mind. That’s it.

A – Why did you write a book with such deep thoughts and totally different genre where everyone loves to read romance or crime thrillers?

R – laughs
One thing because I’m not in college anymore. Second, this book is a big reflection of what goes in my mind and that takes a big part of me. If I try to write something which does not come to me I would be doing injustice to my writing. I think I should write which is natural to me. If I sit down and start to wring historical fiction I don’t think I would be able to write two pages. It’s only your love and passion which writes the writing.

A – How did you manage your time while doing your job and writing a book simultaneously?

R – It was very frustrating, irritating actually because I had so much to do and I keep thinking that I should be writing. So it was very challenging for me but it was worth it. Very worth it.

A – Do you write daily or occasionally when inspiration knocks?

R – I don’t write daily. I wish I could write daily.

A – Who inspired and supported you most in this journey of writing a book to being a published author?

R – Mr. Kapish Mehra from Rupa publications without a doubt. Without him, this book would not have happened. He believed in it. He encouraged me.
Imtiaz Ali was the second one and I think Jodhpur was the third one.
Between these three this book happened.

A – Are you working on any other book? If yes, then what is it about?

R – Yes I am working on a new book which I will start writing in few months it is going to be about relationships and life. It will still have few questions which will make you think. Not like my current book but yes it will have a touch of philosophy. There will be questions about love, life, how do you define right and wrong. That kind of questions to which everybody relates to. It will have lots of travel and love. A love – story.


Here is the link to buy her book if you wish to read her work – The indigo sun

Review of this book will be up soon.

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