Side – effects of neck massage

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Neck massages can also endanger your life

Neck massage by barber may damage the nerve, cause paralysis. Recently a man was admitted to the well-known hospital of our capital city New Delhi, Medanta –Ā  The Medicity and dr. Jaiswal examined him. He said that – “He has been put on non-invasive ventilation for breathing support and may continue to be on it. Kumar’s diaphragm was paralyzed and he may need ventilator support throughout his life because the nerve rarely regenerates spontaneously”.

neck massage, the sorting hat

After a haircut, most barber shops in India provides a head massage. It often ends with a ‘neck-crack’, when the barber holds you by the chin and tilts the neck sharply to the left and right or up and down. It feels so relaxing that time but you would have never imagined the thing which gives you so much pleasure can actually cause such problem. similarly when girls go the spa or for a neck massage, the attendants do the same neck-crack which might cause problems

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Ajay Kumar, 54, came from the salon feeling refreshed after the haircut-and-massage routine last month. Soon, however, he became increasingly breathless and he was admitted to Medanta where he was examined properly and the real reason behind his condition comes out to be a neck massage after the haircut.

It turned out that the neck crack had damaged his phrenic nerves that control the diaphragm, which in turn controls breathing and that made him unconscious. Now he is alright but he will be paralyzed for his whole life.


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