Review Of – My Wife’s Diary

book,the sorting hat

My Wife’s Diary

book,the sorting hat
My wife’s diary

We find happiness in sharing our feelings with someone we can trust and who can listen to us. Sometimes it can be our friend, parents or our soulmate. What if our companion is a diary, never ask a question, and always there like a true friend to whom we can trust blindly.

The book is a diary of a girl who put her heart out into words, the things she afraid to share with anyone. Her ups and downs, her heart breaks. She falls in love not once but twice but both times Destiny played dirty games with her. Both of The guys were there to play with her body. They don’t believe in love and broke her heart. Betrayed by love two times Pournima does something which was sin in her perspective. And at The end when love knocks on her door she couldn’t gather the courage to return those feelings.

The incidences of her life are put in a story format, the way they happened and sometimes she is talking to her diary. She finds solace in talking to her diary. What happened when her husband finds her diary?. This book is a good read. The title is simple yet elegant. The content of the book is good and written in simple language.

Ratings – 4/5

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