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book, the sorting hat
  • book, the sorting hat

    “Watched” don’t say a word By Preeti Singh. Suspense, thrill, and drama, these three elements are essential in a crime thriller novel and the book perfectly create these until the end.

    The female protagonist Kinjal whose mother was murdered while she was perusing her medical studies which force her to join CBI come across a serial murder case. The story gets more interesting when Kinjal comes to know that this killer is the same assassin who murdered her mother and now killing in the same pattern and targeting old ladies. The story is about how Kinjal with the help of inspector Milan and agent Amber solve the murder mystery and get the right person on heels. She also had to face some crucial situations but she handled them very wisely.

    It will make you stick till the end guessing the murderer and when you will find the answer then you will become conscious of your loved ones. Everyone is being watched and you can’t trust anyone. Enjoy reading.

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