The God Factor – review

book, the sorting hat
book, the sorting hat
The god factor

‘Success is the follower of my failures. Failures are the master and success is the disciple’

If you’re looking for inspiration for your mundane life God factor is the name. This Book is written with the aim to help you have a better understanding of life. Well, the author had done a good job and you would be satisfied when you finish reading it. You would feel inspired at the end that’s likely the good thing about this book. Author has used examples in the form of different short stories which are easily relatable to our life. This book is a combination of motivation and spirituality. It is truly a life-changing book. It teaches us the way to live our life. All those people who are running blindly in search of happiness must read it.

A must-read for those who need that knack of inspiration for keep going.

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